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Improve your digital presence: Recommendations “By Malone”

  • 06/12/2022
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At Malone Hotels nothing is left to chance and all subjects interest us. Today we decided to tackle the subject of social networks.

Let’s start with some numbers, the world has 4.9 billion Internet users and 4.2 billion social network users. A 35% increase is expected by 2025.

The old saying about the importance of location still makes a lot of sense, but location should no longer be your only concern.

In By Malone establishments, we strive to develop the digital geographical situation daily to increase our visibility.Online presence on the main OTAs is no longer the only way to gain visibility. It is therefore important to take advantage of social networks to highlight your establishments.Your content is also important. It must reflect the image of your establishment, the one you want to convey and develop.

The goal is to reach your target and convey a positive brand image. Social networks are also a way to take care of your customer relationship and keep in touch with them to build loyalty.Gaining visibility means increasing your notoriety and increasing your chances of converting your digital presence into a reservation.It is then up to you to direct your prospects to the most advantageous channels for you, but that is another subject.

Here are the actions we recommend to improve your digital presence:

1. Take care of your official site and add links to your other social networks

2. Accurate digital advertising plan and tracked daily

3. Do a regular web scan

4. Respond to customer feedback on all platforms (Tripadvisor, Google, all OTAs)

5. Take care of your presence on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.) and adapt the content according to the positioning of these networks. Focus on the platforms that interest you but do not neglect them.

And here is a summary of the benefits you will get from your digital presence:

– Stand out from your competitors or not let yourself be overtaken to allow your business to remain sustainable and make the most of its potential.

– Make yourself as visible as possible on international channels. This is an undeniable opportunity to find new prospects.

– Offer the possibility to prospects to access your booking platform as easily as possible.

– Enhance your brand image and develop your notoriety

– Improve your natural referencing and reduce your marketing communication costs.

– Maintain and improve your customer relationship to keep the link and retain them.